Top 5 Car Maintenance Tips

Top 5 Car Maintenance Tips

There are all sorts of large and small basic car maintenance jobs that need to be carried out to keep your car in good condition and running the way it should, and if we're honest, very few of us will be as on top of them as we probably should be. As we all know, prevention is better than cure, and with cars, preventing a problem is always going to be a good deal cheaper than curing one when it occurs. So, here are five car care tips to help you stay on top of that all-important car maintenance.

Know your tyres

You may or may not think you need to know how to change a wheel on your vehicle, but even if you have roadside assistance to call on to do it for you, it's still a good idea to know how to do it yourself, just in case. Anyway, what you really do need to know about is what pressure your tyres should be at and what is and isn’t acceptable condition. Correct pressure will aid performance and fuel economy, and tyres in proper condition could save your life.


The oil in your car is like the blood in your veins, and keeping your oil fresh is as important for the wellbeing of your engine as eating healthy food is for your body. Check the level every couple of weeks, get it changed as regularly as recommended for the amount of driving you do, and know exactly what kind of oil your car uses for when you need to top it up.

Dashboard revision

Do you really know what all the lights and symbols on your dashboard display mean, or what should and shouldn’t come on when you start the ignition? Probably not. While some warnings may be relatively trivial, others may demand immediate attention to avoid causing potentially catastrophic failure. Take a little time to read your owner manual and familiarize yourself with what your car might be trying to tell you.


Do you check your car's water level or the amount of antifreeze in it when winter is approaching? You'd be surprised how many people don’t. Always wait until the engine is cool before you check your car's water level, and check it regularly too. Some people are pretty good at checking the antifreeze concentration approaching or during winter, but antifreeze also does a job of preventing the build-up of corrosion inside a vehicle's cooling system, so it's important to keep a check on it all year round and not just in winter.

Don’t be tight

Modern vehicles can be very reliable, so it can be tempting to save a few quid by delaying or even skipping routine servicing if everything appears to be working as it should. There are two main problems with this. The first issue is you will probably have no idea of problems that are developing if they're in their early stages and not giving obvious signs of cause for concern. Having a trained professional looking over your car can mean potential faults can be identified before they occur, which will prevent them getting serious and also stop them causing further issues elsewhere on the vehicle. Secondly, nothing gives a buyer a license to beat you down on price when you come to sell your car like an incomplete service history. Skipping a service might save you in the short term, but it could end up costing you a whole lot more further down the line.

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