Is Suzuki Vitara S 4 wheel drive?

Suzuki Vitara S

We’ve noticed at Monty’s of Sheffield that people have plenty of questions when shopping for the Suzuki Vitara S. One common question is “whether the Suzuki Vitara S has four-wheel drive”. We can explain that and the many advantages of owning one of these wonderful vehicles.


Perhaps what truly confuses people is the fact that Suzuki likes to use the term Allgrip when talking about the Suzuki Vitara S. This is the name of the vehicle’s four-wheel drive, so it does indeed come with it.

With the Suzuki Vitara S and Allgrip four-wheel drive, you can be prepared for whatever might be down the road. There are four modes, so you are able to make adjustments as the vehicle plows through deep snow, traverses muddy country lanes, or deals with other difficult conditions.

What’s even better about the Allgrip four-wheel drive is that it doesn’t compromise fuel efficiency. In fact, the system has been designed to squeeze the most out of every last drop of fuel.


You’ll think you’ve been dreaming when you get into the driver’s seat. The Suzuki Vitara S handles amazingly, plus it’s responsive, and serves up plenty of fun.

Take a look under the bonnet and you’ll find a potent 1.4-litre Boosterjet turbocharged petrol engine. It combines direct injection with turbocharging for quick and strong acceleration, but without hurting fuel efficiency.

Everyone will know you have a fun vehicle, thanks to the sporty qualities of the Suzuki Vitara S. The vehicle rolls on unique 17-inch gloss black alloy wheels, accented by a 5-slot vertical grille, plus LED projector headlamps.

Once you have a chance to try out the Suzuki Vitara S, you’ll love the way the vehicle behaves. It helps you feel completely in control, no matter the situation, so you’re more confident than ever.


Not only does the Suzuki Vitara S provide the reassurance of four-wheel drive, coupled with amazing performance, it also comes with numerous conveniences you’ll appreciate each day, making this a great option to consider.

When the weather turns hot, automatic air conditioning will keep the vehicle interior cool and pleasant. Another big benefit is the voice-controlled audio and navigation system. You just press a button and then speak, instead of needing to use the touchscreen to control everything. The system connects to your smartphone as well, so some of the apps you love can be accessed through the touchscreen.

As you drive on longer trips out on country roads, the adaptive cruise control really becomes a nice benefit. This standard system uses a radar sensor tucked behind the front grille, so it can detect vehicles out in front. You set the speed you wish to travel, and the system automatically slows down or speeds up according to what the vehicles in your lane are doing. That way you maintain a safer following distance, decreasing your chance of an accident.

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Suzuki Vitara S
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