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Suzuki Swift Sport 2018

Previous versions of the Suzuki Swift Sport delivered thrilling driving in an unpretentious and affordable manner, so there was plenty of anticipation surrounding the launch of the new Swift Sport 2018. What the company has done with this third-generation model is make the car lighter and more powerful than it's ever been, which has to be a recipe for success, right? Well, if anyone was expecting the kind of difference we see when a supercar manufacturer builds a track version of one its cars where the air-con, sat-nav, sound system and even the carpets have been omitted to reduce weight in the name of performance, that's not what we have here. Instead, the Suzuki cars division has produced a more refined, grown-up and user-friendly version of its hot hatch.

Mechanical Upgrades

This car probably wasn't designed with bumpy, badly repaired or unrepaired British roads in mind, but it drives and feels as though it could have been. The mechanical upgrades are definitely more suited to handling bumpy surfaces than they are for the smooth, flat tarmac of a track. The suspension setup has definitely been developed to add control without compromising ride comfort too heavily and, overall, it’s pretty much succeeded in doing that. There's a little more body roll at higher speeds around bends than some of its competitors, but there's plenty of grip available and Suzuki seems to have got the balance between comfort and performance just about right.

Brakes at the front are bigger than a regular Swift, and the pads are upgraded all round. After a short time in the Swift Sport the brakes will definitely instill confidence, and if heel and toe downshifts are your thing you'll find the pedals perfectly situated for that type of driving.


Under the bonnet of the new Swift Sport is the same 138 bhp 1.4-litre Boosterjet turbo engine found in the Vitara S. But as the Swift Sport weighs in at just 975 kg the engine is a completely different kettle of fish in this Suzuki. This high-revving unit comes mated to a close ratio six-speed manual gearbox, which feels nicely positive and helps to promote a feel of a car that really is raring to go.

Features and Equipment

It has to be said there's been a significant price increase with the introduction of this new model, but a quick glance at its list of standard equipment shows just what great value for money this car represents. Basic kit includes: six airbags, lane departure and forward collision warning, AC, rear privacy glass, and a touchscreen infotainment system with navigation, DAB radio, Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity, and even a reversing camera.


Being a "Sport" model, the new Swift has to have the usual cosmetic enhancements to mark it out as something a little special, and it does have them. The 17-inch alloys, chrome tailpipes and sport body kit are actually reasonably subtle, and the look continues inside with some sensational sports seats with red flashes of trim around the cabin.

For more information about the all-new fourth-generation of the Suzuki Swift Sport and to arrange a test drive to experience it for yourself, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Monty's of Sheffield today.

Suzuki Swift Sport 2018
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