Why wheel balancing is important

Why wheel balancing is important

No matter what you drive, there are several reasons why balancing your tyres is important. It must be done regularly to keep your tyres and suspension in good working order. Balancing your tyres not only makes for a more comfortable ride, but it keeps your tyre tread wearing evenly as well. Find out the reasons why tyre balancing makes such a difference.

Although your tyres may look perfectly round and uniform, they vary in mass and weight at different parts of the circle. These variances get worse particularly as the tyres age. When this unbalance becomes extreme the tyres tend to shake, predominantly at high speeds. To keep your tyres rotating evenly, you must keep them balanced, which will consistently change as the miles are added on. This is the reason why tyres or wheel balancing is a part of regular car maintenance.

The Process of Tyre Balancing

Wheel balancing is done on special equipment that makes the process accurate and quick. Each wheel is removed with the tyre in place and properly inflated. The tyre is placed on a machine that will spin it, and measure for any discrepancies in mass or weight. Your technician will then be prompted to add weights in certain spots to counteract those discrepancies. Weights are added to the inside of the wheel in specific spots so that they cannot be seen, or to the outer bead of the rim. The tyre is now truly “balanced” and will rotate evenly.

The Benefits of Tyre Balancing

Wheel balancing is critical no matter what you drive. The bigger the vehicle, the bigger the tyres, and the more mass there is to keep balanced. This also means that the larger your vehicle is, the more symptoms you will notice when your tyres become unbalanced. You may start to feel a shaky steering wheel and excess vibrations. These symptoms are most likely to occur around 60-65 MPH.

Keeping your tyres balanced will also help keep the rest of your vehicle in good shape. Not only does it help ensure that your tyres wear evenly, giving you the longest tread lifespan, but it also keeps the suspension from working too hard. Extra vibrations and disturbances will be absorbed by your suspension first, before being transferred to the body of the vehicle and the driver. This extra strain on your suspension components makes them wear down much faster.

How Often Should You Balance Tyres?

Balance your tyres every time you rotate them is a general rule of thumb. If you suspect that any of your tyres or wheels have become unbalanced, then you will want to take the time to have it checked. You can lose wheel weights while driving, which will cause the vehicle to become shaky suddenly. Due to different driving habits, driving schedules, driving locations, and types of wheel weights, it should truly be done as often as needed. This schedule and frequency will vary for everyone.

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