Why the Suzuki Vitara is perfect for your busy family?

Suzuki Vitara

Although many of us think about motorbikes when we hear the name Suzuki, the Japanese manufacturer has actually been making compact SUVs for longer than almost anyone else in the market today. It's also commonly assumed that those big, bulky, road-blocking large SUVs are what every family needs, but the Suzuki Vitara is one of a number of compact offerings increasingly appealing to a family audience. So, let's take a look at it in a little more detail to find out why the Vitara is perfect family-friendly SUV for your busy family.

Size matters

Until we had so many compact crossover SUVs to choose from, most of us considered small hatchbacks as the perfect family car, especially for those who drive almost exclusively in the urban environment. A compact SUV like the Vitara has a footprint as small as a hatchback, while at the same time offering a more desirable higher driving position, more passenger and cargo space, and all the style and fun that makes SUVs of all shapes and sizes the dominant vehicle design in today's market. So, unless you need to transport more than five people at a time, the Suzuki Vitara is certainly big enough to be considered a perfect family SUV.

Style matters too, and for many it matter a lot

Anyone who doesn’t have children might be surprised at how much input they sometimes have into what vehicle the family buys. And if we're honest, the kids are not concerned in the slightest with such mundane things as what's under the bonnet or how fuel-efficient a vehicle is. What the family vehicle is and what it looks like is all-important to them, and the Vitara scores big in this important department. Today's Vitara retains elements of the original model's styling from back in 1988, with the shape of the headlights and the rising feature lines down the sides being among the most obvious. Despite that, the Suzuki is a sturdy, modern and quite rugged design the kids will love, as it's quite obviously an SUV.

Family-friendly features

The interior of the Suzuki Vitara manages to strike a very nice balance between simple-to-use controls and a modern, funky dashboard design with plenty of contemporary and appealing touches, such as an analogue clock in between the air vents that's standard on the top specification SZ5 model. The front seats look and feel as though they might be from a bigger car because they're large and comfortable, especially on longer journeys. Despite an impressively long list of modern technologies on board, particularly with higher specifications, the most important buttons and switches for things like the air conditioning, indicators, wipers, windows and the radio are all of the larger variety and nice and easy to use. Driver visibility really is excellent, as we would expect from a high-riding SUV, and the bonnet is quite high up to make judging gaps in city traffic a breeze. The high-up bench seat in the back that has lots of legroom will be particularly welcomed by taller teenagers, while a somewhat smaller child fits pretty nicely between them in the middle seat.

There's a little more room in the boot of the Vitara than you'll find in the majority of similar-sized family hatchbacks, and getting things in and out is easy thanks to the high boot floor and the very welcome flat loading lip. There's also a false floor in the boot that hides some extra storage space, and the shelf hiding it has a wipeable hard surface on one side to keep the boot carpet clean of mud and other unpleasant substances. Also, the high rear sides and wide-opening rear doors make it very easy for mums and dads to load children and child seats into the rear of the Vitara.

The Suzuki Vitara is available right now from Monty's Sheffield, so get in touch to arrange a test drive today to see for yourself why it’s the perfect compact SUV for your busy family.

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