Why Suzuki Celerio the perfect city car?

Suzuki Celerio

When shopping for a small car, don’t skip over the Suzuki Celerio. Many claim it’s the perfect city car, and they’re correct for a number of reasons. It goes beyond just the fact that the Suzuki Celerio is easy to park anywhere, because this car is packed with features well-suited for life in the city.

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Versatile Design

You’ll find that the Suzuki Celerio has a design that’s ideal for your busy life. It proves that a car doesn’t need to be large to be utilitarian or comfortable on the inside.

The standard configuration includes five doors. That means backseat passengers don’t need to squeeze through the front doors. They also enjoy ample space, so everyone stays comfortable during trips.

Even with the rear seats up, the boot contains plenty of room. Putting all kinds of items back there isn’t an issue. When you need to carry larger things, the rear seats fold, expanding the boot dramatically. The wide rear hatch also makes loading and unloading bigger items simple.

While you’re driving, the DAB digital radio does an excellent job of keeping you entertained. Bluetooth also comes standard, connecting a smartphone to the car for hands-free operation. Also standard, air conditioning becomes vital when traveling around the city during the summer heat.

Suzuki even designed the driver’s seat for superior comfort and visibility. It sits elevated, providing a commanding view of the road ahead.

Efficient Performance

Getting around doesn’t mean you need to consume excessive amounts of fuel. You also don’t want a vehicle that has high CO2 emissions. Yet, at the same time you need something that can get you to a destination on time. The Suzuki Celerio fills all these roles, making it perfect for city life.

The 1.0-litre petrol engine sips fuel, so you’re not needing to constantly stop to buy more. At the same time, CO2 emissions are as low as 99 g/km. It’s a car you can feel good about driving, while still enjoying your time behind the steering wheel.

You can add the optional auto gear shift transmission. Instead of needing to shift the gears manually, the setup does everything for you. That means fewer distractions while navigating through busy city streets.

Comprehensive Safety

Driving in the city means sharing space with other cars. Thankfully, the Suzuki Celerio keeps you protected with an array of protective features standard.

The tyre pressure monitor system indicates when you need to add air. Low tyre pressure reduces handling and brake effectiveness. Electronic stability program keeps the car sufficiently grounded, especially when you must make sudden movements to avoid an accident.

If you do collide with another car, solid designs help prevent injuries. Front, side, and curtain airbags deploy instantly, adding a soft cushion you’ll come to appreciate. Side impact beams reinforce the doors, also adding a layer of protection. Rear ISOFIX child seat fittings keep the youngest occupants safe as well.

Visit Monty's Sheffield to see the Suzuki Celerio in person and try the many features.

Suzuki Celerio
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