Why Service with Monty's of Sheffield

You need a quality Suzuki service centre for your car, and Monty’s of Sheffield Suzuki provides just that. After all, you need to take Suzuki service seriously. It protects one of your greatest assets, which also provides a means of transportation.

Regular servicing helps ensure your car keeps running as it was designed, plus it can reveal problems early. If your car isn’t reliable, quite a few problems creep into your life. While you have many servicing options, coming to our service centres provides several solid advantages, making our offering essential.


When you schedule an appointment with Monty’s of Sheffield Suzuki service centre, we make the process easy. You can either call us on the phone and set things up that way or fill out your information right on the site. It’s all about making this process convenient.

We strive to perform work as quickly as possible. Obviously, we prioritize doing a quality job, but our service centre recognizes that not having your car can be an inconvenience. That’s why we do everything possible to get the keys back in your hands.

While you can show up with your car, scheduling an appointment brings a range of conveniences that make this process easier. We encourage you to make regular service appointments. Our technicians can catch problems early and correct them, eliminating surprises and expensive repairs later.


You can count on work performed at our service centre to be done correctly. Each technician goes through extensive training, and they follow procedures as recommended by Suzuki.

We have the best and latest diagnostic equipment as well. That means we can pinpoint exactly what’s wrong with your car the first time. We also only use Suzuki genuine parts, ensuring everything works correctly. After all, nobody likes returning to have the same issue worked on yet again.

As professionals, we respect your wishes. We only undertake pre-approved work, so you’re not left with a large bill without any warning. That means no surprises, so your experience with us is as enjoyable as possible. We want to take as much of the stress out of vehicle servicing as possible, so you will look forward to return visits, instead of dreading the process.

Service Plans

We also offer official Suzuki service plans, which provide a number of excellent benefits for you. With a range of options, you can select the plan that fits your needs and budget.

Each plan includes a free AA cover and alternative transport options, if you need them. In addition, the plans feature simple pricing with no hidden fees, plus fixed monthly payments and absolutely no interest.

All work is performed by Suzuki trained technicians who know your car extremely well. They perform a vehicle health check each time you visit, plus you get a courtesy car. When you pick up your Suzuki after pre-booked work, it will have a fresh wash and vacuum.

Now that you know the reasons for servicing your car with Monty’s of Sheffield Suzuki, make an appointment so you get to enjoy the benefits.

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