Monty's of Sheffield Suzuki cars health check service specials

Suzuki cars health check service specials

Most of us know how tough the harsh winter weather can be on our cars, but long, hot summers like the one we're experiencing this year can be equally punishing. It's therefore incredibly important to keep up with the servicing and maintenance of our cars and not let things slide just because the weather's nice at the moment. Even if you’re in between scheduled services, if you’re doing average mileage or above it's worth considering a vehicle health check to make sure everything is as it should be.

Here at Monty's of Sheffield we currently have a number of service specials on the go, and they're not only for Suzuki cars either.

Free tyre check

There's no better price than free of charge is there? And we're offering a free tyre check so you can make sure the tyres on your vehicle are in good condition. Let's be honest, do you really know what the legal minimum tread depth is and where on the tyre it needs to be measured? And even if you do, getting down to that point means you’re already compromising the performance and fuel economy of your car, and there could be damage or weak points you’re not even aware of.

Whether it's summer, winter, spring or autumn, if you haven’t had your tyres checked in a while, why not make a booking with us for a free tyre check to minimise the chances of an accident and to make sure your getting the performance and fuel economy your vehicle's capable of.

Vehicle health check

For just £19.99 you can bring your vehicle into our service department and our expert mechanics will give it a thorough health check. You may well be able to check the oil, water and tyres on your vehicle yourself, but what about the battery, other fluid levels, cables, pipes, brakes, steering, drive belts, suspension, tyres, clutch, exhaust, drive shaft, wiper blades, lights and the strength of the antifreeze? We'll check all of that for you so you have proper peace of mind wherever you’re going this summer.

Spread the cost of servicing

Not too many of us enjoy paying out for routine servicing, but here at Monty's of Sheffield we have a tailor made service plan programme that lets you spread the cost of servicing for a period of up to four years. As well as avoiding a large single payment each year, our service plan saves you money in real terms because the price you pay for the full term is based on today's prices. That means four years from now you could be paying the same price as today and avoiding any potential price increases that may come in during the period of your agreement. Plans start from as little as £19.99 per month, so give us a call to find out more.

Our Suzuki Promise

As well as the levels of service you would expect from a main dealer, here at Monty's we go the extra miles by including as standard what others sometimes regard as little extras and charge more for. For example, all vehicles pre-booked for a service by us get a wash and vacuum, a vehicle health check, accident aftercare and a progress report during the day of the service. And of course, all work is carried out by Suzuki trained technicians using only genuine Suzuki parts.

To find out more about our service specials and to make a booking, get in touch with us today through our website form, by giving us a call or by dropping in to see us in person when you’re passing.

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