How Do I Know if My Brakes Need Checking?

My Brakes Need Checking

Through Crosspool, Rotherham, Dronfield, and Sheffield you go in your Suzuki. Whether you drive every day or just occasionally, you’re constantly starting and stopping at intersections and destinations. Like every car, your Suzuki has brakes that will eventually wear out. There might be a few signals coming from your car that signify you need a brake service.

Perhaps there’s a squeal or a grind, a pull or a vibration. How do you tell if it’s from your brakes? Is it normal, or do you need to visit a Suzuki service centre in Sheffield to check your brakes? Here are a few tips about when you need a brake service, courtesy of Monty’s of Sheffield.

Signs You Need Brake Service

Some signs that your brakes need attention are obvious, while others are subtler. If your car has one of these signs, you should get your Suzuki brake service at Monty’s of Sheffield.

Grinding Noise

You press the brake pedal to decelerate, whether you’re turning or coming to a stop. A harsh grinding noise reverberates in your Suzuki. You probably feel the grind with your foot on the brake pedal as well. Yet, it’s not present when you’re accelerating or coasting.

Grinding noises are a sign your brakes need checking immediately. That grinding noise usually happens when the friction material on brake pads is worn away – a metal-on-metal noise. There’s a very good chance your brakes aren’t performing as well as they ought to and need replacement.

Brakes Squeal

A squealing noise when you apply the brake pedal can be an early indictor you need a brake service. It can occur when the friction material is low and a warning tab rubs on the brake disc.

But a squeal or squeak isn’t always brake related. It could be due to dirt on the brakes or another rotational noise, although it should be checked in any case.

Vibration When Braking

As you apply the brakes on your Suzuki, if your steering wheel shimmies in your hands or the whole car has a shudder, you should get your brakes checked. A vibration while you brake is often due to warped brake discs, and it can be difficult to control, as well as uncomfortable to drive!

Longer than Normal Brake Distance

When you own a car, you become familiar with how the brakes function. But if you apply the brakes and your Suzuki isn’t stopping as quickly as you expect, there could be a problem with the braking system. It could be a problem with a caliper or a situation known as brake fade that gets worse the longer you drive. It should be checked at your earliest convenience.

Braking concerns should never be ignored. Your Suzuki’s brakes are your primary safety system and need to work reliably every time you press the brake pedal. If you wonder if you should get your brakes checked, the answer is yes!

Where should you get your brake service performed? If you’re searching for a Suzuki service centre in Sheffield, trust your car to Monty’s of Sheffield. With a longstanding reputation of excellence, your brakes will be checked and repaired by factory-trained professionals

My Brakes Need Checking
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